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Life Member (LM), Honorary (H)

Units - Call Signs


Date of tour/tours.

War Story

Adams, David (Deceased)        
Anders, Robert P. (I)        
Andrews, Tom (I)        
Bailey, Skip (Deceased)        
Bauer, Jim (I)   Photos    
Beall, William (I)        
Beyer, Eugene A. (I) 93rd Trans - Tiger 26
QCo 229th AVN 1st CAAV - Bandit 6
  04/63-03/64 -
4/67-4/68 -
Bosworth, Ray (I)        
Bourgeois, James (Jim) (I) 1st. Cav Div, 564 TC Det (Acft Maint)
Phuoc Vinh
  July 1969 - April 1971  
Bower, Count L. (I)        
Boykin, James O. (LM) 116th.

116th AHC 7/70 - 11/70
282nd AHC 11/70 - 2/72

Brady, Patrick Major General - MOH - (H)        
Brown, Kirk W. (A-2018)


Burnett, Peter (LM)        
Butler, James Q. (I)        
Cappadona, Fred (LM) 240 AHC - Mad Dog 37   August 1970 - August 1971  
Carter, Charles R. (LM)        
Cerry, Jerry (I)        
Chandler, Harry W. (Joe) (A) 4.T.T., 25th CAC / Dragon/Red Garter   Oct. 62-23 / 1970  
Clark, Michael LTC (Ret.) (Mike) (LM) 1st Cav with 101st Abn.   68-69, 71-72  
Collins, Colin (Buddy) (I)        
Cormack, Bobby G. (Searge) (I) C.Co. 101/101 ABN - Black Widow 20
Dean Penetrator 20
Covey, Mike (I) B1/9 Cav - Saber 39
19th Av & CC - Green Delta 36
  May 67-May 68
Aug 70-Aug 71
Cowan, Frank (Deceased)  


Cupp, Charles W. (Deceased)        
De La Garza, Oscar (I)

Deer, John L. (A) 173rd. Attack Helicopter Company
Call Sign 'Robin Hoods'
Photos 06/1969 - Wounded 01/1970
Retired for disability due
to wounds - 06/71
Dickson, David C. (I)        
Dillon, Robert F. (I)        
Duncan, Donald (I) A Trp, 3/17 Air Cav
B Trp, 7/1 Air Cav
  3/69 - 3/70 Dian (9 mo), Soc Trang (3 mo)
9/71 - 3/72 Vinh Long
Estus, Robert ( Bob ) (I) 20th SOS USAF   Aug. 69 - Aug. 70 - Tuy Hoa  
Ferris, Patrick (I)        
Fiorni, Victor (Deceased)        
Flory, Alan J. (A)        
Foster, Michael (I) 173rd. AHS - Crossbow 32
224th Avn Bn (ASA) - Lonley Ringer
  Nov 66 - Nov 67
Nov 69 - Nov 70
Fowler, James E. (I)        
Furbish, Bruce (I) 1st Cav Div Non-Aviation
247th Med Det - Dustoff 06
  Feb 70-Feb 71
July 72-Mar 73
Garcia Jr., Eloy (A->2018) 'D' Troup 3/5 CAV/LongKnife 26   Dec 68-Dec 69  
Gibson, Beck T. (I)        
Gibson, Bill (LM)        
Guillot, Michael E. (I)      
Hamilton, Charles S. (I)        
Hayatt, Cliff (A) 173rd. Attack Helicopter Company
Call Sign Robin Hood - 21
Henderson, Walt (I)        
Hernandez, Victor M. (I)        
Hester, Claude D. (I)        
Hines, Garland (I)        
Hoffman, Glenn F. (LM) 240th AHC - Greyhound 6   May 67 - May 68  
Jayne, David G. (Deceased)        
Jones, Robert "Russ" (I) 196th Light Infantry Brigade, Chu Lai Photos 1968-1969  
Katz, David R. (LM)        
Keel, David L. (I)        
Kilpatrick, Thomas M. (I)        
LaCourse, John (LM)        
Lamkin, Ulyses (I)        
Law, Mike (A)        
Lewis, Thomas E.G. (I) B Troop, 7/17 - Call sign
'Undertaker 22'
Photos Nov 69 - Nov 70  
Long, Dave (I)        
Lukens, Richard C. (I)        
Lynch, Edward (A) 283rd Med Det AA - Dustoff 35   06/67 - 06/68  
Lyssy, Fred (LM)        
Maloy, Michael R. (Deceased)   Photos    
Marcieski, Stanley C. (I)        
Martin, Alfredn L. (I)        
Martinson, James L. (I)        
McBee, Lawrence W. (I)        
McCalister, Bill (I)        
Meade, Randolph (Randy) (A) 118th AHC/144 RR   118 AHC 67-68, 144 AVN 69-70  
Meyers, James (Jim) (I)     12/21/64-12/16/65
Miller, Russ (Deceased)        
Mitchell, Jon E.(I)        
Mitchell, Wiley (A- thru 2019)        
Mundis, George B. (I)        
Murphy, David (A) D Troop 229 AHB - Assualt 20
313 MI BN
  6/99-6/70 Hue
6/72-6/73 Nha Trang
Nelson, Clinton (I) 119th AHC
123 Avn (Americal)
60 Avn
  9/64 - 9/65 Pleiku
68 - 69 Chu Lai
71 - 72 Ninh Hoa
Nelson, Martin (I)        
Nlaehi, Kermit L. (I)        
Odom, William (Rojo) (I) 170th AHC - Call Sign - Bikini 14   08/68-08/69 Pleiku / Dak To  
Olander, Perry (I) 116th AHC - Hornet 76   4/69-3/70  
Osborn, Jonathan M. (I) 48th Avn Co - Blue Star   Oct 69 - Oct 70  
Oualline, Charles E. (A) 119th Avn Co. - Alligators
A/3/17 Air Cav. - Silver Spurs
Photos July 1965 - July 1966
October 1967 - September 1968
War Story
Pakman, Jon (I) 189th AHC - Ghostrider 4   08/08/68 - 08/07/69  
Patterson, Don (I)        
Payne, James M. (Deceased)        
Phillips, Don C. (I)        
Price, Terry T. (I)        
Rainwater, Jackson (I) 134th AHC - Devil 50   April 1970 - April 1971  
Rees, Carl (Pee Wee) (I) B Troop 7/17 Air Cav - Scalphuntrt 19   4/70-4/71  
Rice, Mike (I) 173rd AHC - Robin Hood 23      
Richtsmeyer, Ron (I)        
Robbins, James D. (I)        
Roberston, Sylvanous L. III (Larry) (LM) "C" Troop, 3/17th - Assasin 39
Class 68-09, 68-11
Rogers, James E. (I)        
Rollison, David L. (I)        
Sayers, Ellery W. (I)        
Schlein, Joe (I)        
Shafer, Stanley P. (I)        
Shelby, David M. (I)        
Smith, James E. (I)        
Spoor, Dave (I)        
Stidham, Larry (I)        
Stokes, john H. III (LM)        
Talley, James (I) A Battery, 377 Arty   70 - 71 Camp Eagle  
Taylor, Col. Ed (LM)        
Terry, Thomas J. (I)        
Thomas, Joe (I) 1st B 101st - Black Widow   4/70-4/71  
Tinseth, Warren D. (Deceased)        
Todd, Robert (Bobb) Class 66-3 (I) 336AHC, 235 AWC, C/16 Cav   67-67, 70-70, 71-72  
Treadaway, Ben (A) A Co, 227th Avn Bn, 1st Cavalry Division
Chickenman 19
  70-71  Lai Khe  
Valouche, Les (Deceased)        
Walker, Bobby H. (I)        
Whitney, David L. (I)   Photoss    
Wolfe, Rodney D. (A)        
Worley, Robert E. (I)        

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