Chapter Policy

This document sets forth the policy of the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association (VHPA) regarding chapters.  A chapter may be a local chapter (a specific geographic region, or state) or a unit chapter.  Criteria for membership, types and terms of membership reside with the governing body of each chapter.  In order to be recognized as a chapter by the VHPA, the chapter must subscribe to the two primary objectives of the VHPA, as set forth in Chapter 2 (1) and (2) of the current VHPA Bylaws.  A chapter may adopt or subscribe to any additional chapter objectives that do not conflict with or are in derogation of these two primary objectives.  Pursuant to the VHPA Bylaws, a chapterŐs recognition may be revoked if its conduct is contrary to or interferes with the fulfillment of the primary objectives of the VHPA.

Chapters are totally separate, independent entities and are not authorized to act as an agent, or representative, of the VHPA or any of the other chapters.  A statement to this effect should be included in a chapterŐs membership application, letterhead, website, newsletter, and any other publication, or future publications or documents, of the chapter.

This Chapter Policy document supersedes all other documents similarly titled, and offers guidelines, or suggestions, to those who might desire establishing a new chapter, and may also provide some assistance to previously established chapters.

1.      Name of the chapter

Keeping the separate nature of the relationship between the chapter and the VHPA in mind, naming a new chapter should avoid implication of affiliation or a subsidiary relationship with VHPA.  Otherwise, there is no cut and dried formula for selecting a chapter name.  Once a chapter has been created and named, and given official recognition by the VHPA, it should identify itself as being Ňa recognized chapter of the VHPAÓ in all official chapter documents or websites.


2.      Documentation

While the VHPA does not pretend, or intend, to tell a chapter what, or what not, to do, the following documents are recommended:

a.     Incorporation as a Not for Profit Organization under applicable state laws (typically as a 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(19) organization).  This is normally done through the Secretary of StateŐs office of the state in which the chapter is to be incorporated.

b.     Acquisition of a federal Employer Identification Number.  This is accomplished by submitting IRS Form SS-4 to the Internal Revenue Service.

c.     Obtain tax exempt status by submitting IRS Form 1023 for 501(c)(3) or IRS Form 1024 for 501(c)(19).  This only relates to federal taxes.  Exemption from state taxes should be obtained from the appropriate state offices.


3.     Membership

While criteria, types, and terms of membership are at the sole discretion of the chapter, a listing of potential members is available through the VHPA headquarters.  A request for this listing can be made by contacting the headquarters in writing, email, or by telephone.  The VHPA does not guarantee the accuracy of this list, as it is compiled by data obtained from the persons named on the list.


In addition to membership, the chapter makes all decisions as to the make-up of its governing board and terms of service.  State laws may vary on the conditions of corporate governance.


4.      Responsibilities

a.     The chapter should design its own logo for use on its membership applications, letterhead, website, newsletter, banners, and signage.  In addition to its own logo, each recognized chapter is hereby given license to incorporate the VHPA logo in or on that chapterŐs website, letterhead, newsletter, etc., provided the statement emboldened above appears on the same medium.  Any other use of the VHPA copyrighted logo must be specifically requested of and approved by the VHPA Executive Council, in writing, prior to use.

b.     The chapter is free to meet at whatever interval it wishes.  Some meet monthly, while others meet quarterly, or annually.

c.     The VHPA is willing to publish, in its news magazine, The Aviator, news of the chapter, its meetings, upcoming events, activities, officers, etc.  However, it shall be the responsibility of the chapter to write such articles and submit them to the editor by established deadlines.  Chapter officers are notified, by email, of deadlines for inclusion in the upcoming issue.  The VHPA will not be responsible for the accuracy of such articles.

d.     The VHPA is also willing to list the chapter on its website and provide a link to that chapterŐs website, if it has one, and to the chapterŐs contact.  As outlined above, the chapter bears responsibility for contacting the VHPA webmaster with the initial information and any changes thereto, as needed.

This Policy incorporates, expands, and supersedes previously approved policies regarding VHPA Chapters, in particular the base document titled Chapter Policy.  Approved by the VHPA Executive Council on June 28, 2012, in a regularly scheduled meeting and recorded in the minutes thereof.